Leg 500 Assignment 17


EMPLOYMENT-AT-WILL DOCTRINE 3Second scenario, Jim sent an email to other salesperson protesting a change incommission schedules and bonuses and suggesting everyone boycott the next sales meeting.Another example of the lack of policies in the company, people have to understand their positionin the workplace. Many times there are situations in which we disagree, either the pay isincorrect or the bonus is not what it was expected to be obtained by the assigned work, butunfortunately this problem should not lead to an email communication with a coworker, is notthe best solution. In some companies there are steps that employees should abide. If Jim has a problem his duty is to solve it with a superior and not to discuss it with another employee. The boycott issue can be taken as a thread to the company, because that can bring bad publicity withcurrent and future clients. This is another situation to be added and discuss in the new policyrules of the company.Third scenario, Ellen started a blog to protest the CEO’s bonus, noting that no one belowdirector has gotten a raise in two years and portraying her bosses as “know-nothings” and “out-of-touch”. In this case is safe to say that not everybody is satisfied with the salary they receivefor their jobs, Ellen is no different. Unfortunately when throwing an angry outburst to the public,the employee is responsible and must accept the consequences that such rage might bring.Depending on the severity of the vocabulary use to protest the CEO, Ellen should be either suspended and re-trained or fired for unruliness towards a superior.Fourth scenario, Bill has been using his company-issued BlackBerry to run his own business on the side. When a company property has been given to an employee for companyusage, most companies indicate that and also warn the employees private use of such property isnot allowed. By evaluating the pattern of this company it is unsure if that was the case here for Bill. If company specified the way of handling company property, then Bill can be subject to a

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility 2 Based in New Jersey , PharmaCARE ( We CARE about YOUR health® ) is one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies, best known as a caring, ethical and well-ran company producing high-quality products that save millions of lives while enhancing the quality of life for millions of others. PharmaCARE offers free and discounted drugs to low-income consumers, has a foundation that sponsors healthcare educational programs and scholarships, and a CEO whom sits on the PhRMA board. The PhRMA board, along with the low income consumers, the foundation, CEO, the State of New Jersey, and its employees are the key stakeholders of PharmCARE. PharmaCARE also, has a large manufacturing facility in the African nation of Colberia. So, that would make Colberia and the Colberian’s key stake holders as well. Stakeholders are persons, groups or organizations who share common interests and/or concerns within an organization. Stakeholders may sway or can be swayed by actions of the organization, their purpose and guidelines. Although all share a common interest not all stake holders are equal. The consumers are warranted fair trading practices within organizations but do not receive the same concern as an employee. However, in the case of PharmaCare not even all employees are treated equally. PharmaCARE has been made known of the indigenous cures in Colberia. Along with utilizing their natural resources to make pharmaceuticals, they are employ Colberians satisfied with working for as little as $1.00 per day. Their job consists of walking a total of ten miles back and forth through the jungle with baskets of harvested plants weighing as much as fifty pounds. The communities in Colberia are very poor and subpar. Many live in primitive huts and have no running water or electricity. But the execs, have been identified as living in luxurious

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