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... ar old girl in a rural village in Saudi Arabia is married off to a man approximately forty years older than her without her being asked; she has to grow up quickly and act like a wife at the age of twelve! Both these girls have never enjoyed themselves or had the opportunity to act like children having fun with friends, laughing, going to school and learning about themselves and growing up positively. While in London, a thirteen year old girl goes out shopping to the mall with her friends after school and spends ten to fifteen pounds without thinking about it! People in Third World countries do not even know half the things that are a way of life in the First World. For example, the average American homemaker (I hate the word housewife) uses a dishwasher, a washer, a dryer, a microwave, etc.

An average woman in the Third World has never seen any of these, let alone owns them and knows how to use them! Most women in third world countries spend hours collecting firewood to cook the family meal in the evening. While the women in rich countries turn on a tape to get water, women in poor countries spend hours for fetching water from a source which may be contaminated. These are just a few of examples of how the youth in the Third World have to grow up differently, due to their living conditions and environment. But it is supposed to be this way; this is not how people are supposed to live! There shouldnt be two extremes...

there shouldn't be any differences. We are human beings, we are supposed to live well and everyone should be treated as equals this isn't the ideal world, to anyone. All members of the human race have the right to live comfortably and happily, and not to suffer just because of some global economy problems. Each and every baby has the right to eat and drink and grow up to have the required education levels that many of us take for granted. It is up to the leaders of the world to decide on how to improve the substandard living conditions of Third World residents. However, all is not lost.

There are a few people who truly want to help and make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate. Apart from the late Mother Teresa, another famous person is doing all he can. I am talking about Bono, also known as Paul Hewson, the lead singer of the band U 2. He is one man who is doing what he can to help convince the First World leaders to write off the debts of the Third World, as, he says, they are too busy paying off their loans, with whatever little money they can make from their economy to improve their lifestyles. Earlier this year he traveled through Africa with U. S.

Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill. Time magazine profiled him under the headline "Can Bono save the world?" Bono first got involved in Africa in 1985 when he and his wife worked for a month in the mountains of Ethiopia. They took these dramatic pictures in the camp where he says every day they would wake up and count bodies of dead and orphaned children. As the father of four, Bono says looking at his own children makes his mission to help those suffering around the world the most important thing he can do. Bono is more than just a mega rock star selling out stadiums worldwide. He's a rocker with a conscience.

His goal: to cancel multimillion dollar debts owed by poor countries so they can focus on their own health care and education. Bono has become the most well respected rock n roll ambassador of the world. From presidents to prime ministers and even the Pope, he has impressed top leaders with his genuine concern for world problems. Even the most reluctant politicians met with the Irish rocker and many of them had never even heard of him. Bono moves easily between sold-out rock concerts and political power meetings.

Earlier this year he attended the World Economic Forum with Bill Gates, and just days later he hit the stage at the Super Bowl for a TV audience of 130 million. This spring he toured Africa with the US Secretary of State Paul ONeill. Despite some differences of opinion on their trip, the two shared a passion for their mission to help struggling African countries. Bono continues his crusade to bring an end to the crisis of poverty, AIDS, and foreign debt in Africa. He hopes the United States and other wealthy nations will stop and listen. So, like I said, all is not lost.

But we need more people to come out into the open and actually DO something! There are various ways in which people in rich countries can get involved in reducing the burden of poverty in third world countries. Perhaps the most important area where they can get involved is to petition governments in rich countries such as U. S.

A. to remove subsidies on farm products. This subsidy is the biggest obstacles for poor farmers in the third world countries to get a fair price for what they produce. If the farmers in third world countries were to compete on level playing field, then they would earn a decent living. The subsidies on farm products are heavy burden on the taxpayers of rich countries. Secondly, people should act to make IMF, the World Bank to cancel debts of the poorest countries in the world.

Many poor countries spend huge amounts of money to pay off the debt, the money which could have been used to pay to provide food, safe water and build schools. To quote a song form U 2: Youre packing a suitcase for a place None of us has been A place that has to be seen to be believed You cant deny it But yet, you see it And I know how you feel when you see it I know how your heart breaks How your heart it aches You can only take so much It is sad that at the beginning of the 21 st century so many of the worlds population is living under abject poverty. The problem has less to do with the poor people themselves but more to do with the way the worlds economy and trade relations are organized. As many of the leaders from poor countries have often said, we do not want aid, we want fair trade. It is only through fair trade that the poor of the world can be assisted to grow out of their poverty. We all have a role to play!

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Third World Countries Essay

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World Population

Human population has grown more rapidly during the last century than it ever has before. There are more than 3 times as many people on earth today, than there was at the beginning of the twentieth century. Our future size and growth depends mostly on our age structure, survivorship, and fertility rates. All growing countries have slow growing populations. It is the countries with fast population growth that are suffering from rapid environmental changes and problems. Many people believe that that we are headed straight into a world population crisis.

The population growth in Third World Countries is becoming harder to control. Most fast growing countries have populations too large to control. These countries go through rapid ecological changes by consuming their own natural resources and financial resources, faster than they can be produced. This can lead to increasing death rates from starvation and the lowering of living standards. These fast growing countries that have high populations may eventually permanently reduce the carrying capacity of their home land.

There are many reasons why population growth slows at times and rises at times. For example, in countries where most of the women are uneducated, there is limited access to health services and very few people are financially secure, populations tend to be higher. Many of these countries have poor standards of living, which leads to the spread of disease, starvation, poor sanitation and horrible ecological and environmental conditions. Others factors include lack of family planning, lack of education and lack of knowledge about birth control.

When population slows, many give credit to factors of population control. Most governments around the world have laws designed to slow population growth. The governments that have the resources to enforce these laws have been effective in slowing population growth.

There are many groups and organizations in America that contribute to developing countries, by aiding and educating people in family planning and birth control. Another method of population control that is controversial, but encouraged in many countries is male and female sterilization.

Recent questions and comments concerning human rights and respect for people have come up. Problems arise when inaccurate information is given about sterilization and it¹s consequences to people in third world countries that are not educated enough to know the difference. This form of birth control takes away all responsibility from procreation. Today, despite it¹s controversy, abortion is being suggested more and more as a...

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