Cover Letter For Cv Examples Uk Athletics

Dear Ms. Hardisson

I would like the opportunity to apply for your athletic director position. Reviewing your post online you could not help but notice the strong similarities between your qualifications and my background. As my resume will attest I have the skills and education that your organisation is looking for in every way.

I am as equally comfortable with training and strategising plays as I am at performing administrative and day-to-day tasks. I have a B.A. in education and a B.S. in sports management. The last ten years of my life has been devoted to planning organising scheduling and executing sporting activities of all types in a variety of venues. My tenure as athletic director has given me a great background in techniques for team building encouraging cooperation in accomplishing goals and overcoming obstacles. I have travelled across this country to accommodate my role as athletic director understanding the focus has to be on the accomplishments not a structured set of work hours. Training budgeting promotion and networking cannot be set by a clock and I am committed to benefiting the organisation and making a significant contribution.

I would love the opportunity to talk more about the athletic director slot. Let’s set up an interview to go over the details.

Best Regards

Howard Reese

Dear Ms. Turnham

I am interested in the Sports Manager slot with your organisation. I have a Bachelor’s in Sports Management and seven years as a professional athlete. I have always planned to transition from being on the field to managing teams from behind a desk.

The degree is part of the plan and has definitely given me a better comprehension of being a sports manager. I have both a player’s and manager’s viewpoint. Balancing these views makes me an excellent candidate for this position.My responsibility is to build a team that wins and stands tall in the public eye both on and off the field. It is my job to ensure our players can concentrate on doing their best because I am in the back office taking care of business. I will use the latest tools and strategies to create reports that project team performance. I will finalise any event’s net profits. I can navigate various media coordinating advertisements promoting events and making sure the team is always seen positively. I will sort out the issues putting the organisation front and centre.

As your Sports Manager rest assured operations will be organised and running smoothly at all times. I can tell you more about my abilities and potential during a formal interview.

Best Regards

Jason Dougherty

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