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The video essay is as hard to define as the essay film is, since it is still in active development as a format for critical thinking. Better not to define it in too strict a way then, because the many emerging formats and practices may very well trump any strict definition.


In general, the video essay can be described as the concise, free-form audiovisual equivalent of the written essay. Concise because most video essays don’t run longer than a handful of minutes. Very long video essays are the exception to the rule that on the internet (the natural habitat of the video essay) shorter is better. Free-form because the format and rhetorical strategies can differ wildly from one video essay to the next.


What about content matter? The term video essay has come to denote primarily a video in which its maker analyzes or comments on a specific film or television related topic or theme. It is a concise and personal movie, focussing on a single aspect of (often popular) audiovisual culture.


However, the video essay can be the ideal vehicle for critical thinking about film, for reflecting on movies in their own language and format. Which is why this practice has been adopted by both film critics and by film scholars.

A collection of Wes Anderson video essays

Two official announcements
1) I will NOT be doing a Wes Anderson video essay. The market is saturated and I have nothing to add.
2) I do NOT take requests for video essay topics. Please stop flooding my inbox.

So since I’m not going to do one, here’s a bunch of Wes Anderson links.

Matt Zoller Seitz gets his own heading. He has written two books:

The Wes Anderson Collection
The Grand Budapest Hotel

He has also done thirteen (!!!!!) video essays:

Wes Anderson: The Substance of Style (five parts)
Bottle Rocket
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
The Darjeeling Limited
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Moonrise Kingdom
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hard to tell, but Matt might like Wes Anderson.

David Bordwell has written several blog entires on Wes Anderson
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Moonrise Kingdom

Hard to tell, but he also might like Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson // Centered
Wes Anderson // From Above

Jaume R. Lloret
Wes Anderson // Vehicles

Rishi Kaneria
Red & Yellow: A Wes Anderson Supercut

Paul Waters
Wes Anderson: A Mini Documentary

Way Too Indie
Mise en Scène & The Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders

Alex Buono
Making of The Midnight Coterie (blog post)

Wes Anderson Screenplays
Every Wes Anderson script

Now, never ask me about Wes Anderson again. Please.

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