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During the early period of human history, from the ancient civilization until before the industrial revolution, humans’ way of living is in quite simple way for example. Transportation relies on manual walking or running or sometimes they’d be using animals such as horses to carry them around, then communication is through hand writings then being transferred by messengers that travels by land or by animals. All where basic and simple, yet consumes a lot of time, take for an example is their way of communication in which a single letter would consume weeks before getting on the other person. Moreover, during the old times they would rely on fire or lamps in order to work at night, which doesn’t give much of vision plus can be harmful too. Now, we got to experience something different compared back to those times thanks to the discovery of ‘Electricity’, but still why is electricity the most important invention?

Human minds are so creative and curious that one have wondered on what could be the potential on forces on our surrounding? One of the forces that mankind have taken into subject is the electricity. Before, electricity is a concept that mankind hardly believes for it was describe as a certain force that has a capability to power up, much like related to magnetics. They compare it with how the lightning strikes up in the sky during storm, that if we can harness or study such phenomena which were given time by Benjamin Franklin by his experiment on Kite during stormy day. Many scientist and theorist have collectively given their fair share, until Nikolai Tesla have shown the world how electricity works. But what it is for the society to have for this great invention? It was during his time that industrial revolution have taken a great leap in which hundreds of inventions have been studied and discovered, that up until today many still are being studied. Computers, cellular gadgets, light bulbs, electric fan and air conditioner are just few of thousands of devices and equipment that relies on the power of electricity. How does electricity works? The basic idea comes from a single source, may it be gasoline, diesel, natural, chemical, mechanical, or others it will be converted through a machine like generators to produce electrical output.

These inventions that relies on the electricity have pushes man into new era of living. In terms of transportation, we have replaced the horses and donkeys with vehicle that runs with the concept of internal combustion which still relies on electricity, as it requires a battery (chemical source) as part of its starting mechanism. Not just automotive, but also in aviation, navigation, and seafaring since aircraft and ships depends on many technologies and machines that requires massive amount of electricity too. Additionally, using the electricity there have been change on communications as we have known in our history from writing letters through hand, we jumped into paper making machines for fast printing, then change into the telephone and now we got on our hands the gadgets like cellular phone and gadgets all that are wireless and fast connection. Then in the field of medicine, we get to enjoy the privilege of using advance medical machines to examine our condition and give quick findings so doctors can give proper advice and medication Also, in operations and other extensive part of medication most of those are depending on electricity, that is why they put up back-up generator just in case something happened with their original power source.

Why electricity is the most important invention? Simply because of this invention, a lot of discovery and invention towards other field of learning have been unlocked and achieved. All of which imposes to improve human health, learning and living. That’s why we need to maximize our usage of electricity and make sure that as time goes by no amount of electricity is getting wasted just because human’s irresponsibility.

Model Essay #3

Model Expository Essay

Topic Prompt: What are the most important inventions in the last 100 years?

Title:  Important Inventions in the Past

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” This quote is commonly used to explain how another miraculous invention was discovered. Throughout history, many inventions have been created. The Industrial Revolution started in the late 1700s, and since then humankind has been developing at an exponential rate. Truly amazing and useful devices, such as the steam engine and telegraph, were invented. In the last 100 years, many inventions and innovations have been created that make society’s life better, and four devices stand out as the most useful: the jet airplane, the television, the laptop computer, and the cell phone.

The first most useful invention is the airplane, invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers. The airplane has transformed not only this society, but also the entire world. Airplanes make it possible to travel long distances in a few hours, whereas before it took days or weeks to travel by horseback. In fact, a plane enables people to travel over high mountains and deep oceans with ease. It is as if the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were small rivers and the Himalaya and Rocky Mountains were tiny hills to jump over. In addition, with the invention of the plane, the world is smaller because a person can now effortlessly travel from one country to another to work, study, or take vacations. 

The second most important invention in the last century is the computer, and specifically the laptop computer with an internet connection. The computer was invented in the mid-1900s, but in the 1980s the personal computer transformed how people use it. Because a laptop computer is small, portable, and can store large amounts of data, it is useful for business and study. From email to ecommerce and from ebooks to downloading movies and games, the personal computer has transformed everyone’s life. Computer software programs make it possible to keep track not only of business accounting and inventory, but also to buy and sell online. The Internet connects computers with a network of websites, and people can communicate on the computer with email, blogs, wikis, and even phone conversations.

This leads into the third most useful invention, the cell phone. Popularized in the 1990s, the cell phone keeps people safer and more connected. People can talk or send text messages to friends and family when they are far away, even in another country. Other examples of the cell phone’s usefulness are that drivers can call to let someone know they will be delayed if they get stuck in traffic or call for help if their car breaks down. In addition, phones often have Internet browsers, so people can stay up-to-date with news and events. Also, with camera phones people can take and share pictures of friends and family easily.

The fourth most useful invention is the television. With many channels to choose from, and literally thousands of programs, the learning possibilities are endless. Although not all programs are educational, many programs are, and people can learn encyclopedic amounts of knowledge and information. News is available 24 hours a day, so when important events happen in another part of the world, people can find out easily. This is in contrast to the past when it took days, months, or even years to find out the news from faraway places. Also, comedy and dramatic shows let us enjoy the funny moments in life and deal more effectively with the serious ones.

In conclusion, the airplane, television, laptop computer and cell phone are all useful inventions. Although there are many inventions to choose from, these four have dramatically transformed the  world. All these inventions are connecting people to other people, places, and ideas. It will be interesting to see what is invented in the future!

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