Somali Civil War Essay Intro

Somalia Civil War

The country of Somalia faces many issues that cause problems for the country. This is mainly caused by the lack of a stable government. Without a stable government the country was not able to stand on its own. The problems are how the government can’t support the country, but this is only one of the major problems that occur in Somalia. Another problem is the rebel groups that prevent help from outside countries. Lastly a big problem is the international help that was attempted to help the Somalis. These problems escalate over time, and need a solution to the issues they face, but have a hard time seeking that help. (“Somalia” Pp 449.)
The Government was a huge factor of conflicts in Somalia. An estimated 300,000 to 100,000,000 Somalis were killed due to governmental issues. The government should have prevented the causes of deaths that famines had caused. The government should have stepped in and acted on the deaths of the people. (“Somalia Civil War”) The failure of the Government caused tension to grow between groups or clans of Somalis. Without the stable government Somalia will undergo raging conflicts in the country. The attempts that were made to build a self-sustained government did not bring the success of help that they needed. (“Enchantment of the World: Somalia” Pp101 to 118). When a warlord, by the name of Mohamed Farah Aidid, tried to take over the government. His tactic was to use starvation as a weapon to put fear into the civilians, so he could get what he wanted. (“Battle of Mogadishu”)
Some groups, such as the TFG, tried to dominate the country of Somalia. The TFG warlords tried to join forces and tried to create an alliance with America to gain control of Somalia. Heavy fighting broke out in Mogadishu, and this caused more deaths and problems that Somalia couldn’t handle. This broke out between the non TFG-affiliated Supreme Islamic Courts Union (ICU) and the TFG warlords (“Somalia Civil War”). With the wars breaking...

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