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7th Grade Homework Page 



Mrs. Boschetto - Science 



All Periods - 1. None





Mr. Mrozek-Math 3rd Marking Period:


Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-42 due 3/2/18.

Periods 5,6-study/practice for a test on solving and graphing inequalities on 3/2/18.

Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet on two-step equations due 3/5/18.

Periods 5,6-no homework due 3/5/18.

Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-34 due 3/6/18.

Periods 5,6-book pg331-8-26 all and pg 342 13-35 all due 3/6/18.

Periods 1,2,7,8-Pre test on one and two-step equations due 3/8/18.

Periods 5,6-25 problems on percents, decimals and fractions due 3/8/18.

Periods 1,2,5,6,7,8-i-ready diagnostic test on 3/9/18 get a good nights rest.

















 *Mrs. Mayse * English Language Arts *




   User name: first_last_bloom

   Password: 7 digit student number



-45 minutes of Membean/week....30 minutes are given inside of class. The remaining 15 minutes is homework

-Spelling Test March 9

-Reading Journals due March 9





**AR Due Dates:


  -AR Book Selection Form due February 1

  -AR Mid-Quarter Productivity sheet due February 21

  -AR Final project due March 27








Mrs. Hintz- English Language Arts



Current Theme/Unit:  Justice/The Novel/Pronouns




Periods 1-2 and 5-6



Spelling Test on 3/9. 


Independent Reading Menu due dates: 


Quarter 3 Independent Reading due 3/27.

    user name: first_last_bloom

    password: 7 digit student number

Membean Assessment on Friday.


Our class's book club code is: JTDH7








Ms. Drucker-- Math :)                                    





















 World Geography - Mrs. Zwalkuski


Monday, March 5:  News Project due March 12th (due date may change based on computer availaiblity in class/library)


Tuesday, March 6: No homework


Wednesday, March 7: No homework


Thursday, March 8: Period 1 - Latin America News Project due Thursday, 3/15; All other classes (Periods 2,5,6,7,8) - Latin America News Project due Wednesday, 3/14


Friday, March 9: Period 1 - Latin America News Project due Thursday, 3/15; All other classes (Periods 2,5,6,7,8) - Latin America News Project due Wednesday, 3/14







Buenas tardes!

I hope you are well! Welcome to the second semester of Spanish class. For students who stayed on my roster, I’m glad you’re back. For students who are new to my roster, BIENVENIDO(A)! This email is to remind you/notify you of changes or procedures of class.


– Folder, Notebook, writing utensil

Senor wooly: 

As part of their grades (Criterion A: Comprehension Spoken and Visual Text), students need to complete online assignments during class. The website we use is Students have started this semester with 2 assignments, which is due in March. I have limited access to headphones, so please students, bring your own. Also, I have blocked ALL WEDNESDAYS for students to work on their online assignments. This way, if students have no access to internet/electronic device at home, they can still finish them.


Students are accessed in 4 ways (with examples)
CA: spoken and visual text ( señor wooly website, any listening activity or assignment)
CB: written and visual text  (reading assignments/activities)
CC: Responding to (class participation, reacting to, answering or asking in the target language)
CD: Using language (anytime students use Spanish to communicate full ideas)

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you at Exhibition or Conferences,

Señor Clavell
Language Acquisition Department Head
Spanish PLC Leader for BMS
Brody Middle School, an International Baccalaureate School

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