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Maclean, Claire (2008) An interpretative phenomenological analysis of service users' perspectives and experiences of relapse in psychosis. D Clin Psy thesis, University of Glasgow.

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Background: Whilst quantitative research has provided a valuable understanding of the social and emotional impact of relapse of psychosis, it is also important to consider the complexity of individuals' experiences in relation to emotional, psychological and interpersonal adaptation following psychosis. Aims: In order to get closer to individuals' experiences of psychosis and relapse we need to develop an experiential based account. This qualitative research set out to develop an in-depth understanding of service users' perspectives and experiences of relapse in psychosis and the meanings they attach to these experiences. Method: Using a semi-structured interview seven participants were interviewed- 4 females and 3 males. The interviews were analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Results: Four emergent themes were identified and were labelled using participants' words: "You have no control over your life", "You come out running", "It's heart wrenching", and "Coming to terms with my experiences". Conclusions: For this group of participants the opportunity to come along and participate in a study about relapse became an opportunity to explore important experiences and meanings that have arisen in the context of their recovery from psychosis. The findings suggest that in order to support recovery it is important to identify how individuals construct and understand their experience of psychosis.

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