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I was the first person to ski off of the chairlift that day; arriving at the summit of the Blackcomb Mountain, nestled in the heart of Whistler, Canada. It was the type of day when the clouds seemed to blanket the sky, leaving no clue that the sun, with its powerful light, even existed anymore. It was not snowing, but judging by the moist, musty, stale scent in the air, I realized it would be only a short time before the white flakes overtook the mountain. As I prepared myself to make the first run, I took a moment to appreciate my surroundings. Somehow things seemed much different up here. The wind, nonexistent at the bottom, began to gust. Its cold bite found my nose and froze my toes. Its quick and sudden swirling movement kicked…show more content…

At this distance, the smoke spiraled upward like tree branches reaching for the sky.
The air was painful and stung me through my many layers of clothing. There was snow all around me. It was on the trail and in the trees. There was so much white, that my eyes became blinded by so much absence of color.
It was too cold to remain at the top forever, so I decided to make my run. I decided to go off terrain through the trees. I gave a strong push with my poles, starting my skis sliding gently across the snowy terrain. I kept my speed slow in order to feel out the mountain and its changing conditions. Ahead of me lay a carpet of white snow totally untouched by other skiers; a skier's dream. The steepness of the mountain increased my speed as the cold air whistled past my ears. I edged my skis which responded to perfection, cutting into the snow and tracking across the mountain. I soared between trees and on every bump. I would begin to lose my balance but would regain it in a instant. As I got more comfortable with my skiing skills I went faster and faster.
As I gained speed by the second, my turns grew in length. Approaching the steepest part of the trail, I noticed an imperfection in the snow. A large rock jutted itself out of the ground, waiting to demolish skiers. Unfortunately I noticed the rock too late to adjust my turns and change my course to avoid it. As my right ski passed over it, my cold muscles

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Personal Narrative Essay - The Ski Trip

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The Ski Trip


      Standing in awe, cold air permeated through my hair.  The smell of

fresh and minty pine scent complimented the beautiful vantage of the

wilderness.  With my boots wedged in the snow, a shiver took over my body.

This is was a place of peacefulness and tranquility.  Never before had I

been so close with nature.


      Facing the north was the vast forest.  To the left and right, only

the crystal white snow was visible.  While looking up, I caught a glimpse

of the old ski lift, the solo apparatus which was my passport to this

great adventure.  All that could be heard was the sweet chirping of birds

nestled upon tree branches.  "This is indeed a moment to remember."  I

thought to myself.  Being that close to nature could put anyone in a state

of nirvana.


      As I stood admiring the clear blue sky and the world around me, I

was interrupted by my friends' constant taunting, "Come on, let's go!"

They were not rookies.  They had experienced the sport of skiing and the

atmosphere around it and were not as enthusiastic toward the surroundings

as I was.  Their calls became louder, with annoyance.  I stepped up to the

edge of a great slope.  The steepness of this colossal block of snow I

stood upon, was frightening.  The only was to go was down.  I took a deep

breath with no worries, for this was not the first time I was confronted

with a suicide mission.  In a heartbeat, the exhilarating feeling of going

downhill on a pair of thin skis took over.

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The breeze rushed through my

hair and flew vigorously.  Veering left and right, dodging inanimate

objects, and racing with my buddies at the same time was truly a thrilling

feeling, although dangerous.  Flying down a slope at fifty miles and hour,

I felt as if I could leap up and fly away just like an eagle taking off.

Skiing was indeed an incredible feeling.

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